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Friday, January 19, 2018

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The Art of News "The Art of News” group show featuring the personal artworks of photographers, videographers, news broadcasters, producers and others working in the news media.
SCOTT SPIRO Scott Spiro, staff photographer and editor for KNBC News since 1980 shot this amazing mural during the Occupy LA Movement.
Bryan C. Frank Bryan C. Frank works as a News Photographer for the CBS2 and KCAL9 duopoly station in the Los Angeles Television market.

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"The Art of News" NoHo Gallery LA

Chris Nolasco




As a Visual Artist, I naturally react on canvas with my reactions to my

surroundings, events and ideas. My subjects mostly include portraits of

people I know and people who have an influence on my life. I strongly

believe that every element in a painting has to be constructive,

constructive of an idea, expressive of an emotion. I believe brush

strokes should be confident. I am greatly influenced by the masters

and studying their pictures helps me to solve my problems. I

understand that subject matter changes and style will evolve, so what

really matters to me is the evolution of my art and the excitement of

the next painting. Completing a well-planned, composed and executed

piece is my intention. A painting that will bring interest, joy, and

perhaps enlightenment to someone's life is my goal



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