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Friday, January 19, 2018

Sandra Cooper

Sandra Cooper


Los Angeles-based artist Sandra Cooper is renowned for her distinctive abstract expressionist style. Her paintings and drawings are unique in their ability to stimulate viewers visually and emotionally with both passion and contradiction. Her striking images encourage viewers to use their own mind's eye to interpret the movement of paint across canvas. Cooper wants to evoke an emotional response to her art, rather than merely object recognition. If I wanted to recreate exactly what I saw, I would use my camera. My style celebrates the randomness of abstract expressionism.W hy paint the entire scene when it is the negative space that fills my imagination with the creative possibilities.

Cooper's Heart Felt Series painted under hernom de art. Vega, is reflective of the powerful abstract nudes for which she is known. Cooper's style and technique are reflected in the media she uses. Whether it is watercolors, mono prints, mono types, charcoal line drawings, acrylics or collage, her work is recognized as a consistent signature of talent.

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