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Friday, January 19, 2018

Sia Aryai

Featured Artist - Sia Aryai




Hand embellished pigment print on canvas, incorporates sanding of the surface to soften the outlines of the subject and to diffuse the edges between light and shadow. Layers of lacquer and resin break up the continuous tones of the image. The resulting effect is a modern creation with an eternal aesthetic. Emphasizing the sensual forms, figures, and emotions of the subject, the finished images evoke memories of everlasting , graceful beauty.

About the artist:

Born in Tehran, Iran in the mid 70's, Aryai left Iran for England, where he received an education and gained freedom for his artistic passion. Later, he ventured on to the United States, where in the mid 80's he discovered the medium of photography which gave him the perfect means to capture the beauty of  the subject. We who love the magic of photographs are compelled to own and display photographs- photographs that somehow stop us, linger with us, emote feelings unique in our daily lives, and demand that we thank the artist”. When I saw Sia  work at the VIVA gallery, I experienced many of the feelings I describe above, says Gil Garcetti . Sia's art works have shown in galleries and museums  throughout the United States.

2010 exhibition:

Duncan Miller Gallery, LACMA photo art Council Private collection Los Angeles Aug 14 - Aug 28
Phantom Galleries, Solo, Long Beach, California May 19 - June 15
Stephanie Hoppen Gallery, solo, London, England (Representative) Mar 10 - April 20
McKinley Gallery,solo, Reno, Nevada Feb 15 - Mar 26

Gallery - Sia Aryai

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