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Friday, January 19, 2018

Susanne Belcher

Susanne Belcher



Susanne Belcher, a native Californian and award-winning mixed media artist, began her art career over twenty years ago painting bold and colorful southwest landscapes.  Although she still considers herself a painter, she now incorporates paint with collage, photography, printmaking and more recently, transparency film. Using repetitious images as personal symbols, architectural (stairways, windows, doorways/openings, along with nature subjects), she creates her own unique architecture - sophisticated, intricate, complex, often three-dimensional, surreal and mysterious.

Susanne continues to play with the idea of choices and their consequences in her current work urban sprawl and its impact on the environment,  man in relationship to nature and spirituality, and transitions from darkness to light. She is both an observer and the participant on a journey through the urban landscapes of her own psyche. Her art offers the viewer dimensional layers of possibilities - like looking at a video or hologram, revealing hidden images, non-static, giving the illusion of movement and transformation.

Susanne, a former health care professional, has a doctorate in Psychology, is an ardent nature lover, and is an active member of Women Painters West, Valley Watercolor Society,  the Fine Arts Club of Pasadena and Collage Artists of America. Her work has been exhibited in Germany, and shown in several galleries throughout the greater Los Angeles area, and is held in private and corporate collections throughout the United States and Europe. She was a founding partner and represented artist of the former Abbot Kinney Art Gallery (Venice, CA).


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