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Sunday, February 25, 2018

Bryan Frank


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I'm Bryan C. Frank and I work as a News Photographer for the CBS2 and KCAL9 duopoly station in the Los Angeles television market.

My still photography is heavily influenced by my career in broadcast news. As much as I want believe I consider light, shadow and angles, I'm a journalist so much of my still photography work is about capturing moments. These "moments" are usually at events most people only get to see on TV. Sure, my job can sometimes be boring and tedious, but every single day is a new opportunity to see or experience life's good and bad on assignments that actually do justice to the words "awesome" and "amazing".

Being able to capture those moments (along with a peek behind the scenes of my life in news) and more importantly share those moments with others drives my photography.

Memories fade, but the truth captured in an image can outlive us all.

My lovely wife Dellis and I have three mostly grown children, one completely incredible granddaughter, a good dog and a pond with a gang of goldfish. I occasionally write posts on "BeFrank" (my blog since 2004) which can be found at or just Google search for "BeFrank".

I shoot mostly with a Canon 5D MarkII camera and print using the Canon Pro9500. I wrestle with Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom and use a couple of other pieces of image editing software to kill pixels in what might have otherwise been snapshots totally worthy of Facebook.


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