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Sunday, February 25, 2018

Andrew Cole


KATIE GRAHAM artist noho gallery la


Art and chess are two subjects that hold much fascination for me. In my search for a need to be expressive, to be original and of intellectual substance, I found that wonderful art can be created and differentiated by specific strategies, structures, players, and even errors that occur and engage in a game of chess. Each of my images is of a specific game; and they all have the same rules, although the representations and methods are continually changing. This forces me to move onward with the concept, as well as avoiding boredom in the art itself. I have adapted these concepts to other games, including the Asian game of go and chess variants.

I have presented much of my art at the website (museum of computer art) and have won several awards there as well as being included as a Grandmaster of Digital Art.You can see more of my art at Auto Gallery 2012 and Open Gallery under my name.


Gallery - Andrew Cole

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